Our Erotic Massage



Thai massage:

The body-to-body massage is a classic erotic and sensual massage, so it could not be missing from Siam Tantra Massage. Our most classic massage is done on tatami mats with hot oils and relaxing music, in which the masseuse will perform a good, relaxing, while completely naked, slipping in sensual movements that will make you reach an irresistible level of excitement.



Magnum massage:

Discover the pleasure of a totally nude body-to-body massage in which you can caress your masseuse over all her sensual body while she performs a spectacular relaxing massage with hot oils. Thai massage is ideal for people who want to experience the body-to-body sensation with intimacy and closeness, combining sensuality and stimulation at each step of the erotic massage.



Sensual SPA:

Sensual Tantra massage is the combination of erotic massage with tantric massage that is based on the erotic and sensual movements of an excellent erotic massage fused with exciting and passionate Tantra and Kamasutra positions to maintain intimate and direct contact with your masseuse during the tour of the relaxing massage, making you feel maximum pleasure and excitement.



Siam Deluxe:

Siam Deluxe is the most luxurious and special erotic massage that we can offer at Siam Tantra Massage, in which we combine all our massages, adding very attractive seduction techniques. The Siam Deluxe massage is aimed at all those who are looking for maximum sensual pleasure and excitement combined with the best body-to-body massage, to enjoy a unique and relaxing experience.




4 hands erotic massages:

A 4-hand erotic massage is undoubtedly a unique and unbeatable experience created especially for the most demanding clients, in which enjoying a massage becomes an extreme pleasure thanks to the masseuses, who will make you feel like you are in an atmosphere of relaxation and perfect comfort. 





Erotic coupples massage:

Enjoying an erotic couples’ massage in Barcelona is a unique and very sensory experience. All our massages are designed so that they can be carried out individually or in pairs, in which you can choose the option of having the massage done with two masseurs or one. We create an idyllic and intimate environment for you and your partner with sensuous and sensitive aromas that will accompany you throughout the massage.

Divan Tantra:

A unique and unbeatable experience to enjoy the eroticism and sensuality of your masseuse is to enjoy the Divan tantra massage. We start with a sensual erotic shower and continue the massage on Divan with the most sensual and seductive techniques of our best massages.


A warm welcome and personalized attention are always guaranteed.

Combine your erotic massage


Erotic shower

Enjoy an incredible erotic shower before or after the massage in the hands of your erotic masseuse, who will travel all over your body and hands with sensual movements to complete a perfect massage.



Prostatic massage

The prostate massage is performed by stimulating the perianal area with gentle movements with the fingertips reaching the prostate area where the male G-spot is located, achieving maximum pleasure.



amasamiento masaje

Two finals

All our erotic massages offer the possibility of having more than one “completion” to guarantee total satisfaction. This option is very useful for people with premature ejaculation or those who like to fully enjoy the sensuality.



Nuru Gel

Enjoy a more refreshing and natural massage with our Original NURU Gels created with marine algae and other natural ingredients, leaving your skin free of artificial aromas.




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